HS has been the agency of record for Conros, Seal-Its’ parent company, since 2013. We have developed and executed many strategies for them over the years. We conceived of, launched and designed their first ecommerce platform,, designed and built a new brand website for them,, manage all marketing and social media channels for Seal-It, and continue to consult on their product pipeline, to keep them innovative, consistent, and a leader in their industry. 


HS led Seal-Its’ first product launch in the health and medical category, which will take the company in a new direction, branching it out from its’ traditional category of tapes, shipping and mailers. From ideation to overseeing manufacturing and production, to naming, branding and full scale go-to-market strategy and launch, HS has led the BOOYA! bandage project since the beginning. This product disrupts the specialty bandage category with its innovative packaging and its never-before seen design. We took something that is traditionally seen as a functional item and turned it into a form of self-expression. 


HS developed the Seal-It social strategy and identity. Your go-to, must-follow, always ideating crafting expert. We produced handmade, original, DIY content for all social pages using Seal-Its’ glitter supplies. We engage with the Seal-It crafting community, answering followers’ crafting 9-1-1 questions, run contests and crafting challenges to get Seal-It product into crafters’ hands, and inspire creativity within the DIY realm with our on-going original content.

This strategy has more than tripled their audience and increased brand awareness. 

Services: Community management, Brand strategy, Product pipeline strategy, Competitive landscape analysis, Research