Haddon thought of that.

We see opportunity everywhere we look.  Our goal is to help our clients grow and move in exciting new directions.  We are strategists who love to build, and we help businesses conceive of new technologies, communicate with customers in clear, unique ways, and pivot them to discover new potential.

We uncover your next move.

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About Haddon Strategy

Haddon Strategy provides businesses with high-level strategic consulting. We are all about turnkey solutions which bring planning and implementation services together. We will bring a fresh and objective perspective to your organization, allowing you to better see where you have been, and chart where you need to go.

Our unique approach allows us to work with you from beginning to end to determine what your next move could be. We find and apply the solutions that best serve your business and help you grow into them.

Its about opportunity and growth—two of our favourite words that are born out of most important thing in business—a strategy.

What we do

  • Discover – the challenges your business is facing
  • Strategize – to turn the challenges into opportunities
  • Create – the solutions that will overcome your challenges
  • Implement – the plan into action
  • Measure – how well it is working and are we reaching our benchmarks?

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Our Clients


Beck Taxi

Beck is North America’s largest independent taxi brokerage and we have been a proud and long-time collaborator with this progressive company. Over the years Haddon Strategy has worked closely with Beck to spearhead the development and introduction of Toronto’s first taxi app. But we didn’t stop there.  We then worked to build a custom end-to-end dispatch system that helped Beck secure its leadership in the marketplace. With this new system, we launched updated customer apps that offer more services and choice for riders. In addition, we recently led the first full Beck rebrand in company history, which has seen Beck transform from a taxi brokerage into a software company.

Free The Children

Haddon Strategy is a proud partner and supporter of the award-winning NGO Free The Children and their social enterprise Me to We. HS has worked very closely with Free The Children to help secure lasting partnerships and donations to help move Free the children initiatives forward. We have helped to build the first all girls high school in Kenya, an arts pavilion for arts education in Kenya and most notably this year, a hospital in rural Kenya that will service over 50,000 people in the Masai Mara. To help spread the word of this incredible organization, we have filmed documentaries, PSAs and online content that show cases their incredible achievements throughout their 20 year history.


Conros is a leader in shipping and tape products under the brand names Seal-It, LePages, USPS and The Earth Hugger Company. Haddon Strategy works with Conros to grow these businesses by developing strategies that take them in new directions. We are evolving their marketing model from B2B to B2B and B2C by looking at their internal process, product innovation and the company’s social voice with their consumers.

Centre For Effective Practice

CEP was founded by Ontario Health and works to identify and implement best in class medical and clinical practices for practitioners.  In order to expand their reach, CEP identified the need to develop a consumer-facing brand that was easy to access and had a clean user experience for practitioners in the family health sector.  Haddon Strategy devised and shaped this new brand called, TheWell. TheWell has allowed the CEP to develop a strong organizational identity aimed at practitioners wishing to improve their skills and to keep up with best practices in their field. In ancient times, a well was a source where the community came together and learning was shared.  So, too, is this modern day equivalent.

Hourglass Fitness

We successfully partnered with Hourglass Fitness to help this exciting organization gain greater exposure.  Hourglass Fitness, which already offered an exceptional fitness and wellness product, required assistance with both branding and generating consumer awareness.  By devising and implementing a targeted and results-driven marketing strategy, and by conceptualizing and producing a series of promotional videos, Haddon Strategy spearheaded Hourglass Fitness’ expansion internationally.

marQ Designs

Our latest addition! Launching in 2016, marQ is an exciting new clothing brand of eco-friendly, sustainable clothes for babies. This new line is baby clothes done differently.


Seal-It® is a dynamic brand whose diverse products are connected by a single concept: transforming ordinary and sometimes daunting tasks into a feeling of accomplishment and creative expression. Turning to-do into done. Seal-It® products not only help you get it done, but also make it look great. Haddon Strategy has led a rebrand of this iconic company and we are currently venturing into the world of e-commerce. Stay tuned for an exciting new store launch that will wow any DIY fan.

The Earth Hugger Company

The Earth Hugger Company is a new brand launching in 2016 that provides eco-friendly products for you, the family and the home. Haddon Strategy is launching this new brand. This includes branding, website development, marketing strategy and overall business consulting.